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Preparing for BrewNost, a Beer and Fine Food Extravaganza!

Dairy free raspberry truffles
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We’re busily preparing for BrewNost, the annual beer and fine food festival held each fall at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This year’s event–their 15th anniversary–is Friday, September 14, 2018, 6:30-10:00 pm.

We’re excited to be paired again this year with Wilson’s Orchard Hard Cider, and this week I’m experimenting with a special new truffle flavor using their Old Blue, a hard cider with a blueberry twist. I like blueberries, but honestly, I just love the label so much we had to give it a go. Any of the local bartenders can tell you that my husband, Farmer Dave Miller, will often choose his adult beverages based purely on label art. More often, if he’s on the fence and doesn’t like the label, that beverage won’t make it into a glass for him. I’ve kind of made fun of him for this quirk, but I totally get it. I mean, if you like dogs, how can you not love this artwork?

Artwork for Wilson's Orchard "Old Blue" hard cider
How cool is this artwork for Wilson’s Orchard “Old Blue” hard cider?

Of course at this year’s event we’ll have our signature truffle, dark chocolate raspberry. We’ll bring the dairy-free recipe, which uses only Belgian dark chocolate and raspberry puree of fruit from the farm. The dairy-free part is great for those who don’t do dairy, but don’t let it scare you off; these truffles are amazingly decadent and pair well with just about everything–from an IPA to stout to wine to coffee. We generally take this truffle to any tasting event and I love watching people’s eyes get huge as the raspberry sweetness hits their taste buds.

There is still time to get tickets to BrewNost and join us for a full-filled evening of beer, wine, excellent food, live music and more. And if you stop in the shop later this week, you may have an opportunity to taste-test the Old Blue truffle!