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Chocolate Mini Bars: A Little Bite of Heaven

Various Mini Chocolate Bars
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Do you ever find yourself half-way through your day, thinking, “I seriously need a bite of good chocolate…”? Yeah, me, too.

I love truffles, caramels, nut clusters and, well, pretty much everything we make at the shop. But sometimes I just want a nibble of pure Belgian chocolate. I love that snap of perfectly tempered chocolate and breathing in the aroma as the creamy goodness begins to melt on my tongue. It’s a wonderful little luxury that feels simultaneously simple and decadent.

Our chocolate mini-bars are an excellent alternative to whatever you might find in your break room vending machine when you go on that 3 pm chocolate prowl. You can pick up a bag of 10 individually wrapped bars in a bag pretty enough to give away as a gift, if you’re willing to share. Or just slip it into your desk drawer and know that you’re prepared for any chocolate emergency.

Milk Chocolate Mini Bars